Core & Company helped Unity Technologies grow revenue through extensive insights improving the customer experience and design.


The world’s leading gaming ecosystem, Unity Technologies, wanted to build a deeper understanding of the different customer segments in the worldwide gaming industry, and to ensure segment-specific value propositions in order to strengthen the fulfillment of customer needs and pains while increasing the company growth.

“The specific value propositions significantly increased our growth, and enabled us to reach our goals well in advance of the 2015 financial year”. Lars Runov, VP Marketing Unity Technologies.

Core & Company teamed up with the company’s executive group to design and develop a solution that not only strengthened its customer insight but also equipped them to be ready, well-in-advance of the 2015 financial year.


  • Clearly define customer segmentation across regional differences
  • Define segment-oriented value propositions and product offerings
  • Taking into account competitive offerings and best practices in defining the segment specific approach


  • Deep customer insights were gained through a combination of customer interviews, surveys and internal/external data analysis
  • Clear and regionally anchored customer segments
  • Segment-specific value propositions and offerings that enabled Unity to increase growth rates and the customer experience
  • Pricing of offerings leading to significant upselling and increased average spend.