Smart Profit Growth

Core & Company helped Falck Safety Services develop & implement a pricing strategy creating significant and immediate results in USA.


Falck Safety Services, a world leader in Workplace Safety and Survival training services experienced flattening prices due to a tough competitive situation in USA. A key opportunity for smart profit growth through a strategic pricing project was identified together with Core & Company.

“Core & Company really helped us gain a solid insight into the many pricing variables, provided good analytics and stayed onboard for the execution. They understood how to navigate in a sensitive market situation while managing expectations and challenges from all stakeholders. Plus the financial bottom line results speaks for themselves”. Peter Svarrer, CEO Falck Safety Services


Core & Company teamed up with Falck and together with the regional management team a pricing project was launched. Analysis of Transactional Pricing & customer profitability formed the basis of the pricing strategy and led to implementation of several smart initiatives:

  • Development of a comprehensive pricing toolbox
  • Key Account Program with clear price improvement initiatives
  • Launch of a robust and flexible pricing organization with clear structures for price execution and discount policies
  • Co-creation of a clear and executable pricing strategy to ensure continued development and a direction with ambitious yet realistic goals


12 months after strategy launch, Falck Safety Services experienced an average price increase of 7-8% with little negative side effects. Additional improvements were secured through proactive and ongoing price management.