The Danish energy company SEAS-NVE conducted a crowd ideation contest, looking for ideas to solve challenges in delivering digital energy advice.

The Situation

The company wanted to disrupt the energy consulting business model through digital solutions, to find a way to 10x the current business.

SEAS-NVE decided to ask the crowd to get insights, analysis and ideas on what the solution should include and how to deliver it in a manner that would ensure ongoing interest from users and sustainable long-term growth.

How Core & Company Helped

CORE & COMPANY helped SEAS-NVE to define the business problem and to craft a crowd-challenged focused on business model innovation and with a clear scope in terms of services to be tackled and customers to be targeted:
“Are energy providers going to stay the same for the next years and decades or will there be another Tesla-effect within the industry? We want to disrupt the current business model and we need your help! Find a digital business model that will make SEAS-NVE’s current energy consulting business model obsolete or find a way to 10x the current business. Your submission could potentially lead to a new business model for SEAS-NVE that creates genuine value for the customer and an ongoing level of interest. SEAS-NVE is especially looking for a consulting service solution that can expand their customer base to SMEs, whom they cannot serve profitably with their current service offerings. You are welcome to propose solutions containing partnerships, affiliates, distribution co-operations, recommendation marketing, etc.—we are sure you will come up with even more ways to identify and serve a genuine need for B2B energy customers.”
Then CORE & COMPANY and SEAS-NVE, supported by Hyve, identified and engaged an international crowd of passionate and experts and, through incentives and ongoing community management, helped them to come with new ideas and co-create new solutions.
Finally, CORE & COMPANY and SEAS-NVE compared concepts and selected the best ones, to be further articulated, developed and tested in the market.

What came out of it

Over an 8-week crowd contest, SEAS-NVE received more than 100 thoroughly developed concept-ideas from users, researchers, students, collages and in-depth experts around the world; some bringing real best-practice insights, some leading to real novel ideas and go to market approaches.

SEAS-NVE ended up selecting three winning ideas, paying prizes (less than €5.000) to own the intellectual property rights, and is now working on developing and launching these ideas into new business models.