In the global digital economy, massive access to information allow duplication of company strategies, products and best practices at an impressive pace.

Consequently, in order to differentiate itself in the global marketplace, the company must constantly challenge the status quo and drive change faster than its competitors.

This, we believe, can only be achieved by attracting, developing and deploying the right culture, talent, people and capabilities. This is why any CEO who believes people is the ultimate source of sustainable and competitive advantage should rethink how they integrate talent, people and capabilities into their business strategy processes and build a culture of loving and embracing change!

It is time to expand the strategy process agenda and to put culture, talent, people and capabilities at the core of it.

We believe it is the investment you make in this area today that will enable you to sustain and strengthen your position in the future.


Every year, large companies invest in extensive strategy processes, involving detailed analysis of finance, market and technology. However, valuable insight and emphasis on talent, people and capabilities are often left out.

We have seen too many strategy decisions fall short because the executive team has failed to include these elements.

In fact, we often find that the executive team delegates this area to HR without enabling HR with the key business capabilities to drive the agenda. This approach is not fair to HR nor to the business, which is why it has to change.

From our perspective, culture, talent, people and capability are the pivotal organizational elements that create long-lasting competitive advantage. And as such, it requires C–levels’ full attention.

Therefore, companies need to re-think their perspective on what kind of HR they need, as well as to integrate these elements at the core of their business strategy and planning agenda.

Our approach is to work alongside the company’s executives during the strategy process – from initiation throughout implementation. With a combination of hard and soft analytics, we provide insight on how the current organizational landscape of culture, talent, people and capabilities fit the business strategy and what changes must be made in order to succeed with the strategy.

We believe in organizational involvement and engagement to reveal the true pain points and identify the sources of value in the organization – as these are often blind spots for the top executives.

We understand and have a bold perspective on both the business and people side of it. We help our clients to define their unique people agenda providing forceful strategy implementations and sustainable competitive advantage


In the service industry, we worked with a top tier global company to redefine their corporate structure and develop their people capabilities. The goal was to unleash the company’s strategic ambition of increased customer orientation, enhanced commercial culture and global matrix leadership capabilities.

The design of a new lean and customer centric organization was co-created with top executives through a series of workshops during an intense three months period.

Furthermore, we assisted the client in the design and execution of several prioritized people development initiatives – all set out to unleash the company’s strategic business ambition.

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