After seven years of financial crisis, efficiency gains and excellence is no longer enough to deliver strategic advantages.
Ultimately, growth is the prerequisite for successful development of most companies.

Only by continuously building strategic differentiators, and making focused and carefully considered strategic bets, can companies grow into new and stronger positions.

Today, for many industries, the traditional strategic tools and mechanic planning methodologies are no longer sufficient to drive accelerated growth in an era where the characteristics of competitive advantages are changing with unprecedented speed.

The traditional tools, however still important, must be accompanied by innovation-based models, imagination, and agile decision-making.


We understand that navigating the tension between maintaining a stable business model, which has produced consistent results in the past, and embracing reinvention and new ideas is a difficult challenge for most companies.

When we work with strategy, we apply the traditional analytical and strategic toolbox combined with the principles of agile strategy development.

We allow ourselves, and the companies we work with, to combine the pragmatism and flexibility of a startup approach with the knowledge gained from experience.

Our approach is an outset from market and financial analysis combined with internal workshops and external customer dialogue.

We use insights to set up inspired co-creation sessions with key stakeholders and prioritize strategic initiatives based on

  • Customer desirability
  • Company capability
  • Financial viability
  • Competitive sustainability

Based on these four elements, we establish a clear, strategic direction that is easy to communicate and accompany it by a prioritized set of executable initiatives along with must-win battles with clear ownership and scope.


For a company in the media industry, we analysed the market development and their current performance in the market. Based on co-creation and analytical insight, we established a driving purpose and a stepwise plan to double their performance in less than three years – including use of new technologies and digital advancement. The plan was described in detail and tested among the employees to ensure that it was ready to execute. The strategy led to a new focus for the company and a new capital investment in driving growth. Just six months after, the company is already on an increasing revenue track and for once, strategic initiatives are being implemented.

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