We are a pragmatic and entrepreneurial growth advisory firm. We partner with large corporations who are bold and ready to make a change and offer them agile strategy development, customer centric business models and innovative organizational architecture. In short, we help businesses adapt, evolve and succeed in a changing world.

It’s time for a new wave of strategic thinking

These are turbulent years. Industries are being disrupted and new business models are turning up everywhere. Never before has technology changed industries at a faster pace than today.
We are at the beginning of a technological and digital revolution.

Today, agile startups are successfully disrupting the marketplace, winning the customer relationships and leaving the established players in the past.
The large household brands that most of us grew up with are now struggling to keep up with the newcomers – just think of Nokia, Kodak and Blockbuster, to name a few.
Leading the charge of the new form of business are young companies like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Facebook; companies who are all born with a different way of thinking.
These companies are driven by simplicity, transparency, convenience and instant gratification – they are driven by a new, entrepreneurial mindset.

At Core & Company we are a team of experienced ex-consultants from top tier consultancies who all noticed the same trends: consumers are taking control, industries are going digital, new businessmodels are rising, and giants are struggling to stay in the game.

This led us to a simple but scary conclusion:


Therefore, we founded Core & Company to form a new wave of strategic thinking that will:

  • Merge innovation into all strategic thinking
  • Put the customer at the heart of the business
  • Attract new talent
  • Inspire the organisation
  • Accelerate growth

We help companies thrive in the future

The rapid changes in the marketplace are indeed frightening. However, we believe that businesses today are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone bold enough to embrace those revolutionary changes.
Therefore, we have looked towards the startups who seem to have found a new successful formula where strategic, rational, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial execution play together in forming agile business strategies with rapid execution and learning organizations.

At Core & Company, we are committed to guide companies toward this new way of strategic thinking.

Core & Company – It’s time for a new wave of strategic thinking.