Simon Birk Nielsen

Junior Consultant
+45 20158728

Simon joined Core & Company in spring 2018 with focus on internal financial affairs. Prior to Core & Company, Simon worked in the Trade Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and as an intern at the Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania in the fall 2017. Here he assisted Danish companies that wanted to exploit the business environment in Tanzania and did analysis on key economic indicators for the Tanzanian economy.

Why Core & Company?

I have always had an interest in project management, planning and optimization analysis, which is why consultancy seemed like the right career path for me. At Core & Company I have the opportunity to develop my skills in financial affairs and how to optimize business economics.

Furthermore, I was intrigued by Core & Company’s entrepreneurial mindset as a young and pragmatic company. I am interested in how companies evolve in a world where technology have a larger impact than ever.

Finally, the environment in Core & Company is really inspiring both professionally and socially with people with different backgrounds and educations.

Educational background

Simon holds a BSc. in Economics and is currently studying a MSc. in Economics at the University of Copenhagen. During his studies, Simon has worked as an intern at the Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania and engaged in volunteer work at the university as a main coordinator of the introductory program for new students in the economics program.

Key functional areas of expertise

  • Business Economics
  • Big data and analysis
  • Planning and execution

Key industrial areas of expertise

  • Public sector
  • Service
  • Non-profit