Taking Customer Experience to The Next Level

In the insurance industry, Core & Company helped a leading Nordic player develop and design a new Customer Experience grounded in deep understanding of the rational and emotional customer needs.

The Situation

A leading Nordic player in the insurance industry had decided to significantly improve the customer journey by taking the Customer Experience to the next level. The ambition was within one year to improve the customer experience measured on defined metrics.

The specific challenges for the client was; Customer Satisfaction rate was declining; the brand experience was inconsistent across platforms & channels, and contact with key customers was insufficient all despite high investments in customer service.

Further, internally the organization faced a variety of challenges in order to support the customer journey. The people responsible for creating a great customer experience – hence the employees – we not fully engaged; the employer brand experience was fluctuating & IT-systems, product management & processes lacked simplicity.

‘Core & Company guided us through the journey with knowhow and dedication. We would not have been where we are today without their help.‘ Marketing Director

How Core & Company Helped

A Customer Service Program was established and anchoring secured across C-level. Together with the customer, Core & Company supported five work streams across two business lines to guide the voyage.

The customer journey work-stream focused on mapping, observing & assessing the rational and emotional needs and experiences before, under and after engagement with the brand. Pain points, opportunities, frustrations and motivations across the customer journey was identified and addressed.

Based on these insights, Core & Company designed a wide range of concepts to meet and exceed customer expectations where it had most financial impact.

Due to a structured approach and defined frameworks, Core & Company were able to prioritize the concepts and boil them down to a minimum of viable concepts that they could bring live and test in a short timeframe.

What came out of it

A Customer Experience Strategy was developed with a true outside in customer focus. Bold Service Promises were defined and delivered across business lines and customer segments. A differentiated customer experience was designed for every defined touch point throughout the business.

The Nordic organization succeeded in taking a leading position within the insurance industry. Furthermore, Net Promoter Score & level of customer satisfaction was increasing rapidly.