Nanna Kern Thomsen

+45 42681739
Nanna joined Core & Company in 2018 to support with internal People and Culture projects and to assist on projects. Her passion lies within the complex organisation and especially how to manage the interpersonal relations towards the organisation’s strategic objectives.
Previously Nanna worked in the Danish Society of Engineers, where she counselled engineers and scientifically educated in how to position and brand themselves for potential future employers. Further, she worked with positive change management within the Danish healthcare, with the aim of building on the employees’ positive experiences.

Why Core & Company?

Core & Company’s dedication to always question daily practices and ways of doing things, matches my curiosity to discover meaningful alternatives, in order to achieve the greatest results. Additionally, my position in Core & Company allows me to have a foot in both camps of internal human resource affairs and consultancy. It is appealing to me both to be able to support our team’s well-being at work while supporting them to make an outstanding difference for our customers.

Educational background

Nanna holds a BSc. in Business Administration and Psychology and is currently studying her Master in the same field at Copenhagen Business School. In addition to the programs at Copenhagen Business School, Nanna has completed an exchange program in Australia in 2017 with a focus on global business.

Key functional areas of expertise

  • Human resource management
  • Change management
  • Planning and organizing events

Key industrial areas of expertise

  • The public sector
  • Unions