Iya Gegeshydze

Junior Consultant
+45 52132106

Iya joined CORE & COMPANY in 2017 as an intern with a focus on people & capabilities, especially within talent management, to help organizations build winning strategies and drive change.

Prior to CORE & COMPANY, Iya has worked as a Market Research Analyst at Kirstein A/S, interviewing some of the most significant institutional investors across Europe regarding their investment strategies. During her studies Iya has been engaged in the Study Board and Quality Board of Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School working on developing the study culture and strategy to help the institution grow and evolve, securing the brightest future for the students.

Why Core & Company?

I have a natural interest in working with people and throughout my studies, I have gained a broad knowledge within creating organizational change, which is why moving into consulting feels like the right choice for me. CORE & COMPANY provides the opportunity to combine my natural interest with my knowledge from my studies. CORE & COMPANY’s philosophy inspires me and I enjoy being a part of an organization that provides me with an opportunity to learn and grow fast.

Besides of the opportunity to experience personal growth, I am a part of an inspiring and a vibrant team. For me it is extremely important to have a good relationship with my colleagues. I feel like the team at CORE & COMPANY can provide me with the perfect balance between challenging me professionally and letting me become a part of the family.

Educational background

Iya is currently finishing her MSc. in Business Administration and Psychology and holds a background of BSc. in Business Administration and Psychology from Copenhagen Business School. During her studies Iya did a semester abroad in London.

Key functional areas of expertise

  • Change Management
  • Organizational Development & Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Market Research & Strategy
  • HR Strategy and Employee Motivation

Key industrial areas of expertise

  • Service
  • Public sector
  • Financial sector
  • Non-profit