Attention CEOs who wants to win in the future

Act NOW – start working on developing & deploying your organizational capabilities to INNOVATE your industry’s NEXT BUSINESS MODEL!

Have you heard from the mountains of Davos that there is a FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION happening as we speak? A revolution that is evolving at an exponential pace and disrupting almost every industry across the globe? The scope of change is massive, characterized by mass adoption of digital technologies that will influence production, management and governance systems.

At the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the billions of people connected by mobile devices – with high processing power and storage capacity – where access to knowledge, analytics, services, and talent is unlimited and easily accessible. The person with a mobile device is EMPOWERED AND ENABLED in a way that changes THE RULES OF THE GAME of how businesses develop, market, and sell products and services. In short, the business model you have needs to be viable and fit for purpose in the world shaped by digital disruption.


Associate Dean & Professor Luis Vives of The ESADE MBA at ESADE Business & Law School in Barcelona, one of the global leaders within business model innovation research, describes the formula for building viable business models in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as follows:

  1. Wake up – take a fresh perspective and start define yourself as a GAME CHANGER (no one ever became an industry leader by following the rules of the game or by replicating the current industry leader)
  2. Go after PROFITABLE GROWTH by defining a business model that is obsessed with creating and capturing value
  3. Think how to establish a PLATFORM that makes life convenient for your customers

What we think you should do? Challenge the “SAMENESS” that exist in your industry and re-think the commitments you have that limits your STRATEGIC FLEXIBILITY and locks you into your current business model.

Take a proactive approach to shape the game you play, engage, and enable your organization to have serious conversations about how to set entirely new rules; if you want to be part of the future – you need to be brave enough to define it!



At CORE & COMPANY, we are fiercely passionate about helping companies build GAME CHANGING BUSINESS MODELS AND CAPABILITIES. It is our fundamental belief that in our time of EXPONENTIAL CHANGE institutions and corporations need to install a culture, leadership skills and a mindset that MASTER change through the development and deployment of innovative capabilities.

Reach out if you would like to have an engaging and fresh dialogue on how to build GAME CHANGING BUSINESS MODELS AND CAPABILITIES!

Take risks & be generous!