Andrew Solomon

Senior Manager
+45 27655973

A driven professional with 7+ years’ experience in international client-facing roles, including 3 years at McKinsey & Company and 4 years as a strategic account manager for a successful software start-up. Andrew thrives in challenging environments with complex problems and has a proven ability to advise clients across a range of functions, close and grow new business, develop client relationships and help companies expand into international markets.

Why Core & Company?

I have had the fortune in my career to work across a variety of industries and functions. One of my biggest learnings has been that too few consultancies are willing to help clients make truly disruptive strategic decisions, choosing instead to follow more established frameworks that look to minimize risk.

At Core, we make overcoming this resistance to disruptive change our primary focus. Our clients are committed to making innovation an essential part of their business and my colleagues are equally committed to helping them realize these ambitions. That’s why I chose Core- to work at a place that values innovation and challenging status-quo as much as I do.

CORE & COMPANY embody these arguments, and I wish to work alongside the bright people that is about to disrupt consulting, and help their clients reach the next level.

Educational background

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of English Literature from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, USA.

Key functional areas of expertise

  • Growth Strategy
  • Organizational design and transformation
  • Sales and Marketing operations
  • Capital Investment Strategy

Key industrial areas of expertise

  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Life Sciences
  • High-Tech